About Me

Meteorites provide windows into our Solar System’s distant past, and isotopes are keys to unlocking the secrets they hold. I am an isotope cosmochemist and Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow at Carnegie's Earth and Planets Laboratory in Washington, DC. I use the isotopic composition of meteorites and their components to unravel the mysteries of our Solar System’s earliest epoch and understand its evolution from the collapse of the molecular cloud to the formation of planetary bodies. I have extensive experience developing and performing chemical separation and purification on meteorite samples in a metal-free clean lab and conducting high-precision isotopic analyses using multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (MC-ICPMS) and thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS).

I received my B.S. in Environmental Geosciences from the University of Notre Dame in 2015 and my Ph.D. in Geological Sciences from Arizona State University in 2020.

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Email: ztorrano[at]carnegiescience[dot]edu